The Divine Light is a magical light.

It connects us to deep feelings about the sacredness and beauty of life.

It brings with it an appreciation of the cause of all things…to enjoy, for example, not just the reality of a tree, but the fact that something has created a tree in the first place.

As it was said in TV’s Joan of Arcadia, ‘You try creating a tree!’.

This sacredness is rarely experienced amidst the throbbing milieu of daily life.

It usually comes when we find the time to pause and use our senses to savour life and the deeper reasons for living.


The Core Qualities

1: Awe

2: Wonder

3: Openness


The Shadow: Darkness

There are times in life when we might lose connection to our deeper faith.

Times when perhaps, we have felt abandoned; isolated; rejected. Let down.

Bringing up feelings like there is no meaning to life. No purpose. “We live we die, that’s it. What’s the point?”

Darkness can feel like we have hit rock bottom. But rock bottom can a turning point.

This absence of light can trigger the lives within to summon deep internal reflection.

“Where has the light gone?”  “We can’t exist without light”.

And so causes us to re-examine what it is we really believe in.

So let’s walk the path that brings your deeper beliefs to the surface.

Which will increase your sense of self, motivation and feeling of being alive!