What Is Your Code?

Spiritual CoachingThroughout our life, it’s possible to recognise the moments when our lights have got switched on.

These are moments that will stay with us for ever. Moments that we treasure, because we experienced something special. That’s what light does. It creates an impression.

So when our lights are lit up, the effects are felt THROUGHOUT all of us!

Why do these moments matter? Because it helps us identify OUR CODE.

The code that makes us UNIQUE.

That makes you the only YOU that has ever existed in the history of the universe!

How does this work?

Well those moments of consequence, those SPECIAL moments, are the moments when our lights got switched on.

Knowing these moments helps us to begin to recognise our code.

Because in those moments, we can begin to see which lights and QUALITIES were at play.

We can begin to see PATTERNS and traces.

For our code is a unique combination of lights and qualities.

So discovering our code is vital in discovering both what makes us unique and who we are not yet.

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