The Light Of Values

Personal Development

The Diamond Light is the light inside of us, that is forged and developed over many years.

It is forged from the things we value. Friends. Moments in life. Qualities. Ideas. Feelings.

When we value something, it’s like placing that experience in a special box, lined with velvet, and smelling of jasmine, rose and hyacinth!

Over time those values start to crystallise.

Until they reach a point whereby they can’t be changed or compromised.

This is when the Diamond inside of us forms up.

And provides us with a rock of stability and fortification, against the ebbs and flows of life.

As the great Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius said. ‘We become what we think about!’


Core Qualities:

1: Value

2: Constancy

3: Stability


The Shadow: Veiled

The psychologies of Veiled are around how the things we stand for and believe in can get compromised or watered down.

It can happen when we are in working environments or relationships where others don’t share our values.

To be able to get on with others, or not rock the boat, we may have to make sacrifices that we know go against what we really feel.

If this happens over time, it can cause us to drift away from our deeper beliefs, as we lose trust and confidence in our ability to hold fast to what is right for us.

So let’s rebuild that rock of stability. For it’s the secure foundation stone upon which your future is built!