The Light Of Wisdom

Illumination! Surely that’s the preserve of the truly enlightened?

Traditionally yes. But illumination is when something becomes very very clear.

It may be what has given rise to the expression, “I have seen the light”.

Illumination can occur when we have been searching for the answer to something for some time.

Suddenly, from seemingly out of nowhere, we get an “aha” moment, a flash of insight that seems to explain everything!

Somehow we have unlocked the code that opens the door to greater truths.

Note: The Light Of Illumination is invaluable for those trying to find a solution to a problem, short-term or long term.


Core Qualities:

1: Wisdom

2: Truth

3: Reverence


Shadow Light: Dull

Dullness can creep up on us. It’s rarely an instant thing. It accumulates. Builds up.

Until one day we realise that something is missing.

It can be a shock for a bright person to realise that their mind has become dulled down. Work can cause it. The lack of stimulating conversation. The absence of new sensory experiences.