The Light Of Awakening

Personal Development

The Dawn Light allows us to see life with fresh eyes.

It clears away the debris of familiarity, and awakens the senses.

 Like a shaft of light has seared into our consciousness.

Leading to perceptions and insights into who we are, and why we do what we do.

The Dawn Light is the herald of change and new possibility.

Without it, we would possibly never change, grow or develop into the person we can be.

Core Qualities

1: Appreciation

2: Gratitude

3: Thankfulness.


The Shadow: Gloom

I remember once having a job in an Onion Factory. I was given a small knife, and told to scoop out the bad bits in the onions, as they came down the conveyor belt.

After liberating the first three or four onions from the bad bits, I felt like I had a grasp of the basics.

The next 15 mins then seemed to last 15 hours. I went into a state of gloom.

How am I going to do this for 8 hours? It was relentless. Yet I needed the money.

But the overbearing gloom was a trigger. I put down the bad bits knife and walked out.

As I opened the Onion Factory doors, I was met by the purest blue sky and a soft gentle breeze.

My senses breathed in the light and air, as if I was experiencing them for the first time.

So the shadow light of Gloom can bring feelings of STUCKNESS. As if nothing is ever going to change.

But it can also be a catalyst. A trigger.

The feeling can be so overbearing it can cause us to ask, “What am I doing?”, “This can’t carry on”. “Life is passing me by”.

So let’s get that Dawn Light switched on and with it the sense of ALIVENESS.