The 23 LiIGHTS are fascinating things.

Each LIGHT has it’s own

  • Frequency.
  • Wavelength.
  • Individuality.

It’s own Inner World.

Yes. It’s possible to make a mental connection to each light.

But the most effective and direct means of connection is through MEDITATION and IMAGERY.

The magical world of Pictures. Pause. Senses.

Visiting one of the 23 LIGHTS is like going on a journey to a special place.

A place you will never forget.


That’s why I have created IMAGERY JOURNEYS that will guide you into and out from each LIGHT.

These unique Imagery Journeys will provide you with:

  • A Transformative Experience
  • An Enhanced Sense of Well Being
  • A Greater Feeling Of Calmness
  • Bucketfuls of Inspiration
  • Personal Liberation

There are 46 Journeys

  • 23 JOURNEYS into the world of the THE LIGHTS
  • 23 JOURNEY out of the SHADOW LIGHTS


I will be your tour guide as we journey for example:

  • First Light At The Taj Mahal (DIVINE Light)
  • The Awakening At Mount Fuji (DAWN Light)
  • Blessings at The Spa and Sanctuary (SOFT Light)
  • The Ceremony of The 12 Candles (GLOW)
  • The Glade Of A Thousand Dewdrops (GLISTEN)

Why might you want to go on an IMAGERY JOURNEY?

  • Because you want to fulfil your potential (MYSTERY)
  • Maybe you no longer are LIT UP like you used to, and have stopped doing the things you love. (GLOW)
  • Perhaps your MIND has been dulled, by boring repetitive work. (BRIGHT)
  • What if you have lost your FOCUS through lack of direction? (LASER)
  • It could be that you no longer STAND OUT from the crowd. Maybe through a loss of confidence.(SHINING)
  • It’s possible that the INNER FIRE has been subdued. And you can no longer feel passionate about what you do.(INCANDESCENT)


So if there is anything you would like to know either:

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(Outside UK) : +44 77897 56425

Option 2: Or fill in the form below. You will then receive an invitation from me, via email or phone, to arrange a time to speak.

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