Rebecca called me early on a Monday morning. A very well-established industry leader for Luminar Leisure.

Had been in the night-club business many years.

And now her company were no longer the force they were.

The share price was dropping, and the shareholders were growing increasingly uneasy.

From the tone of her voice, I knew Rebecca was struggling.

She sounded tired and a bit defeatist.

She confessed that she still loved the business.


But that, right now, she wasn’t enjoying what she was doing.

Her Area Managers appeared de-motivated. The Financial Manager was plotting against her.

She was up until the early hours of the morning, thinking; agitating; worrying.

Basically she wanted help.

NOTE: When you no longer LOVE what you are doing, it can have a massive impact on personal energy levels.

You no longer GLOW, which results in a fundamental loss of inner light. This leads to a sense that you just don’t feel yourself! Something’s wrong but you don’t know what it is.

Rebecca needed someone who could help her switch her lights back on again.

Help her rekindle the light that had once made her such a passionate leader.

An Inspirer of others; a Trailblazer; a Motivator. (all qualities of Incandescence)


We looked at how things had got so bad.

About her inability to confront problems. About how she had sacrificed her principles for a quiet life.

Had lost her ability to make BOLD, DARING decisions.

Decisions that had once been a trademark of her management style. That had created winning businesses, year after year.

Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

Now she had become cautious. Scared almost. Fear of failure coloured everything she did. Basically, she had lost touch with her natural way of managing and leading. Her management team performed like she felt. Riddled with anxiety!

NOTE: These are all symptoms of the Shadow Lights Psychologies, that come into play when your lights are switched off.

Or when you drift away from who you really are. Drift away from your PERSONAL CODE.

If she wanted to keep her job, things had to change. And change fast.


We must have spoken on the phone that morning, for nearly two hours.

I suspect that Rebecca was relieved to have someone who understood her situation. And more importantly, knew what to do to change things for the better.

In that impactful conversation, I helped Rebecca re-connect back to her CODE. Supported with a transformative boost of Incandescent Light.

The next morning, she called to tell me that she was inspired at the weekly management meeting. On fire!

Her passion and enthusiasm had returned. Yes – as quickly as that! An instant Transformation!

For the next nine months, the business went from strength to strength. The Area Managers fed off her passion and enthusiasm.

And the share price soared!

But it was a close thing. If she had left it any longer before contacting me, it would have been too late.

Note: The Incandescent Light is the Light of Passion. It’s the light that allows you TO CUT THROUGH THE FOG in an instant. No messing.

It’s the light of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s a personal call to arms. It’s when all that built up energy rises to the surface and you can speak your TRUTH!


Your situation may not be exactly like Rebecca’s, but it’s possible your lights have dimmed.

  • Maybe you no longer are LIT UP like you used to, and have stopped doing the things you love.
  • Perhaps your MIND has been dulled, by boring repetitive work.
  • What if you have lost your FOCUS through lack of direction?
  • It could be that you no longer STAND OUT from the crowd. Maybe through a loss of confidence.
  • It’s possible that the INNER FIRE has been subdued. And you can no longer feel passionate about what you do.


spiritual coachingSo maybe you’re thinking this all sounds very interesting. But you have no idea if this will work for you!

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