Climbing Beacon Hill

During any period of uncertainty or unsettlement there is great benefit to be had in taking a walk out of the town and city, and heading for the hills.

In this instance to the 23 Hills. For the 23 Hills represent each of the 23 Lights.

Beacon Hill

The highest point of the 23 Hills is Beacon Hill. From the summit of Beacon Hill, you can see all the other 22 hills.

This perspective is important, to prevent shadow lights such as gloom and fog holding sway.


From the top of Beacon Hill, there is an excellent view of Glow. Glow provides light to all the other lights.

And the keepers and maintainers of Glow are on permanent watch to ensure the Glowing light remains lit. Keeping the Glow Glowing is their mantra.

The Valleys of Soft Light

Also from Beacon Hill, there is a clear view into the Valleys of Soft Light. Here the light gently caresses the flora and fauna life.

Things feel undisturbed and calm. As it has been here over the centuries.

An oasis and place of tranquility. It’s a place of respite from the throbbing milieu.

Sparkling Hill

Moving over to our right is Sparkling Hill. The streams running down the hill are fresh and silvery, and are very cleansing and purifying.

The people who live on this hill are dancing as they do every morning, as dance is their way of maintaining a state of happiness and joy.

Glisten’s Pools

Nearby to the Sparkling Hill is Glisten. Glisten is famous for its restful pools. People have come to bathe here for many years.

The pools offer deep healing, and take away stresses and anxieties. They bring you into a feeling of being closer to yourself. More harmony, less dispersion.

It causes you to feel that whatever is happening in the world, the most important thing is how you are with yourself.

The Hill Of Brightness

And finally, on this short morning trip up Beacon Hill, we can see over to the Hill of Brightness. The light is so clear here. It’s good to gaze at this light, as it clears the head and mental faculties.

This Bright Light brings with it a feeling that all will be well, and carries optimism and a sense that the future is in one’s own hands, not others’.

Spending time with the Bright Light allows it to soak into the cells and create uplift, lucidity and a spring in your step.

Rise Above The Fog

So the day is moving on, and it’s time to come down from Beacon Hill. Know that you can take this walk anytime to escape, rise above the fog, and see the Lights as they are meant to be.

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