The Colourless World Of The Shadow Light

spiritual guidanceThe shadow lights are a bit like the dream world of oneself.

The internal mysteries lodged in the sub-conscious, that can subtly influence how we think about ourselves.

What we do. And how we do it.

Like another world within our world.

Where all our experiences of life and living are stored, sometimes coloured by our own interpretation of events.

And yet, is it possible that true reflection is colourless?

Placed in the house of storage without bias, or loaded one way or the other?

Which, if true, helps to avoid psychologies such as, ‘This always happens to me!‘ or, ‘Here we go again!” or, ‘I’m unlucky!’.

Maybe the colourless view is to see things from other perspectives, as if on the outside of oneself looking in.

Like having another pair of eyes that doesn’t carry past loadings, but sees things as they are. Each moment made anew.

The persuasion of the self-view is strong. A fortress for the identity that offers self-certainty.

Which, yes, gives us a sense of who we are. And what makes us, us.

Yet maybe the LIGHT based view is much less imposing.

Like a whisper on the breeze to oneself. Gentle reflections that are never over-bearing.

Each human being is unique, and a mystery. Unfinished.

With always the possibility of continued growth and development.

So maybe the too fixed self-view can cause us to stand still, be locked in to who we have been.

Whilst the LIGHT based mystery view avoids these potential traps, as it keeps the space open and free for the who we are not yet!

Which is perhaps, the greatest mystery of all!