23 Lights 23 Places

What if each LIGHT, by nature of frequency and wavelength, has a natural home at certain places around the world.

This short video puts place together with LIGHT, as a starter attempt to separate out the LIGHTS, and understand their unique character and nature better.



The Flash Of Light

The 23 lightsIn 2016, scientists at Northwestern University, Illinois made the remarkable discovery that at the point of conception, upon the union of sperm and egg, a flash of light occurs.

And that this flash of light, made up of biophotons is then woven into our DNA.

Human DNA is held within 23 pairs of chromosomes, and research has shown that each pair of chromosomes has different qualities, characteristics and attributes.

This then suggests that within us all there are 23 different natures of light.

This might explain why there are so many descriptive words for light around the human experience.

For example:

• They are a very Bright individual
• They were Glowing with happiness
• They Sparkled with joy
• Things are starting to Dawn on them
• They are a Beacon of hope
• It was a Dazzling display from the maestro

The 23 Lights, the lights woven into our DNA at conception and birth, give us our uniqueness and code for living. When our lights are switched on we feel fulfilled and aligned with our purpose.

Life has a flow to it. Everything feels on track.

However, when our lights are switched off, we don’t feel ourselves.

Something doesn’t quite feel right. But we don’t know what it is.

This can cause restlessness, and at times, feelings of gloom and perhaps despondency.

We know our lights are off, but don’t know how to get them switched back on.

This is the purpose of the 23 Lights Energy Boost work.

What Is Your Code?

Spiritual CoachingThroughout our life, it’s possible to recognise the moments when our lights have got switched on.

These are moments that will stay with us for ever. Moments that we treasure, because we experienced something special. That’s what light does. It creates an impression.

So when our lights are lit up, the effects are felt THROUGHOUT all of us!

Why do these moments matter? Because it helps us identify OUR CODE.

The code that makes us UNIQUE.

That makes you the only YOU that has ever existed in the history of the universe!

How does this work?

Well those moments of consequence, those SPECIAL moments, are the moments when our lights got switched on.

Knowing these moments helps us to begin to recognise our code.

Because in those moments, we can begin to see which lights and QUALITIES were at play.

We can begin to see PATTERNS and traces.

For our code is a unique combination of lights and qualities.

So discovering our code is vital in discovering both what makes us unique and who we are not yet.

What Is This Thing Called Light?

spiritual mentorThe Greek philosopher and wise man Empedocles, posed the question, ‘What Is This Thing Called Light?’, way back in the mists of time.

And yet, even today, LIGHT has a mystic hold and mystery to it. Yes, there have been breakthroughs in different disciplines in understanding LIGHT, but it still belongs in the realms of the unknown.

But maybe that’s part of its nature and character. Elusive, not easy to pin down. The greater the mystique attached to it, then the greater the awe and wonder that surrounds it.

If we knew everything there was to know about LIGHT, then perhaps the awe and wonder would disappear. Maybe it’s in the pursuit of understanding LIGHT that the task lies. Thus not to understand it fully, but the pursuit itself creates LIGHT within, by the very acts of curiosity and fascination.

As the Bard said, ‘light seeking light doth light of light beguile’. That LIGHT is created by our fascination of LIGHT.

Maybe it can never be fully understood, nor is meant to be. But the presence of LIGHT is the trigger for the creation of LIGHT. Thus LIGHT is added to. A magical proposition indeed.

If our friend Empedocles was around today, there’s every chance he would still be asking, ‘What is this thing called LIGHT?’

Healing, Lights and the Coronavirus

Scientists at Edinburgh University recently discovered that genes on 4 specific chromosomes seem to play a big role in those who experience the severest effects of the coronavirus.

These are chromosomes 4, 12, 19, and 21.

And the 23 lights associated with these chromosomes are:

4:   Glow (The Light of Warmth)

12:  Shining (The Light of Happiness)

19: Illumination (The Light of Wisdom)

21: Diamond (The Light of Values)

Glow is related to doing the things that you love to do. As well as compassion to self and others.

The Shining light is when you rise above bitterness, judgement, blame etc., and constantly see the good in all things, because of your faith and adherence to the ways of the divine.

The Illumination relates to new intelligence, perception and insights. Fresh ways of thinking. And wisdoms accrued from life and living.

The Diamond is the casket of living values. The things you stand for and have forged through endeavour, that cannot be corroded.

Maybe it would be possible in the future that you could go into a Lights Apothecary and order remedies for ailments, e.g.

  • 4.1 parts Glow
  • 2.3 parts Shining
  • 0.5 part Illumination
  • 1.4 parts Diamond

Light and Biophotons

‘Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in’.

Anthem, Leonard Cohen

spiritual mentorWhat is light composed of?

The smallest known unit of light, and of electromagnetic radiation, is the photon.

It is part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which includes all light, microwaves, radio waves and x rays.

A photon is emitted when an electron moves from one energy state to another.

When a photon is emitted by a biological source, it is referred to as a biophoton.

Photons and biophotons are always in motion, and they have no electrical charge, and no mass.

In addition to existing in particle form, light also behaves as a wave.

The wave allows it to carry momentum, and therefore energy, without having mass.

This was neatly explained by Richard Buckminster Fuller:
The wave is not the water. The water merely told us about the wave moving by.”

A Short History of Biophotons

Prior to the 1970s, biophoton were thought to be weak photon radiance caused by disturbances in metabolism, and not biologically significant – explained by the Theory of Imperfection.

Unlike others working in the same field, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his research team at the University of Marburg thought there was more to it than this.

Following on from ground breaking research he did in the early 1970s into the body’s photorepair processes, he deduced that the body must contain light, to allow photorepair to happen, and then, with his research assistant, Bernhard Ruth, set out to prove it.

He coined the term biophoton, and developed his Biophoton Theory (1975).

He demonstrated that DNA in living cells stored and released biophotons, also known as ultra-weak biophotonic emissions, which were consistently coherent across a range of frequencies.

Popp found that when DNA treated with a chemical unravelled, the intensity of light released from the DNA grew with the concentration of the unzipping chemical.

Conversely, the less he used, the less light was emitted.

He showed DNA sent out a large range of frequencies of biophotons, and specific frequencies were related to specific biological functions.

“There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon.

Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of light.”

He theorised that biophotons were able to transmit information within and between cells simultaneously, as electromagnetic resonance in an electromagnetic field.

He also showed a phenomenon called biophoton sucking: organisms hoover up biophotons from other members of their species, and also from other species, and from the medium they are growing in the “ocean of light.”

His ideas were not widely accepted for many years, and as can happen with developers of new ideas, he was mocked by many of his peers in Germany.

Over time, he set up an international institute (the International Institute of Biophysics), a community of 15 research groups around the world who agreed with him that the body’s communication system might be a complex network of resonance and frequency.

Fritz-Albert Popp died in 2018, and the Institute seems to have withered without its founder.

However, a similar theory to Popp’s, Prof Irena Cosic’s molecular resonance theory, known as the Resonant Recognition Model (2016), again not widely accepted, also proposes that ultra weak photon emissions, and particularly their specific frequencies, are critical for resonant activation of specific biological activities and functions of proteins and DNA/RNA.

Professor Popp’s research showed that DNA stores information, not just in the form of our genes, but also in the form of biophotons.

It’s possible there’s another purpose for this light, stored in our DNA, which is structured into 23 pairs of chromosomes. Maybe to enable subtle effectswithin the human system, hitherto unrecognised or considered.

These subtle effects, qualities of light, could explain why, for example, pairs of identical twins with the same DNA, raised together, have different personalities, characteristics and behaviours which make each of them unique.

Understanding personal development through this focus is the basis of the 23 Lights work.

Written by Morag Miller Thompson

Who Are You Not Yet?

Spiritual CoachingWhat does it mean to have potential?

Another way of thinking about this, is to ask how much unlit light there is in you?

Light which has not yet been switched on or made active.

What light, you might ask?

The LIGHT that is woven into our DNA at conception and birth.

The light of our growth and development.

The light of our progression and POSSIBILITY.

Can you know how much unlit light there is within you? No.

But you can certainly know if you are ON TRACK to switch on that unlit light.

And why is this important?

Because if we don’t switch on our unlit light, it can lead to living an unfulfilled life.

A life that feels like it is no longer growing and moving forward. A life that feels stale.

I Have Seen The Light!

Throughout time, people have said

“I have seen the light!”

But what does this mean?

Has an internal light got switched on?

Or has an external light revealed itself?

And why does seeing the light seem to lead to clarity,

Insight and sometimes, Illumination?

What Is It About Light?

A large crowd has gathered on Maspalomas beach, Gran Canaria.

They are taking their positions well before the sun goes down,

in anticipation of witnessing the planet’s sunset theatre.

But what is it exactly about light, that we find so compelling?