Keep The Joy Alive!

spiritual coachingJOY! What would life be without it?

Like inseparable brother and sister.

Within JOY we find life. And in life we find JOY.

What an amazing thing! Yet also sometimes elusive.

The many demands of getting by living can close the front door upon JOY.

Which waits patiently nearby, seeking a moment, just a moment of opportunity, to be part of the human dance.

In the currencies of life, I wonder where JOY figures?

Often relegated because it doesn’t pay the bills.

Yet how mournful is the lament of a joyless life.

Like it is separated from a core fundamental.

So, may it be that JOY is your companion this day.

If only for a moment.

Reconnect with this vibrant always young friend.

Drink in its elixir, its rejuvenating power. And feel revitalised.

I know it’s not always easy. Restrictions made hard hold sway.

But making space for JOY is an act of kindness for both oneself. And for JOY!

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of Sparkle, the Light of Quiet Joy

Sparkle – The Energiser!

The Sparkling Light is the antidote to gloom and dullness.

Often expressed in the playfulness of rhythm and rhyme, language and story.

This is called Mr Fixed Gets A Surprise, and draws on the way of The Silver Hat as an expression of Sparkle.