The Ways Of The Soft Light

The 23 lightsThe Soft light is very melting. It takes away hardness and demand upon oneself, and the psychologies of perfectionism, and the constant striving to achieve and have more!

In the presence of the Soft Light, others feel at ease and comfortable around you, as the softness acts as a well-being and healing balm.

Being kind to ourselves, and taking care of our own needs is fundamental to switching the Soft Light on. It has the qualities of compassion and gentleness.

It has the feeling of a womb-like state, as we get closer in to the natural qualities that make us human.


1: What do you do that switches on more of the Soft Light in you?

2: What do you do that switches off the Soft Light?

3: How do you feel within yourself when the Soft Light is active?

4: How do you feel around others that have an active Soft Light?

5: If you were to create a Soft Light day, how would you prepare for this?

6: If you could imagine yourself bathing in Soft Light right now, what might this look and feel like?

7: Who do you know that needs more Soft Light right now? How could you transfer some Soft Light to them?