Attitude Is Everything!

Postcards From The Lights: Shining (The Attitude Light)

Attitude. What an amazing thing!

One of the greatest human gifts among the multitude of gifts.

Attitude can transform how you feel.

Transform how you behave.

Transform what you do.

Transform who you can become

Attitude can lift you up.

Attitude can bring you down.

Attitude can energise every cell in the body.

Or limit our possibilities.

Attitude can free you from the confines of uncertainty.

It can change how we feel in an instant.

Attitude is a magic power.

And it is available to each and every one of us.

To use anytime. Any day. Any moment.

Attitude is like a message to self

Attitude is a call to arms and a rallying cry

Your attitude is unique to you

No one can do your attitude for you.

Your attitude is the mark of your character

It’s the signature by which you carve your name on the rock of life

Attitude is yours to chose.

You and you alone.

What will it be ?

Time To Shine

spiritual coachingWelcome to the potent power of Shining. Always lifting spirits, mood, morale. Changing feelings in an instant.

To SHINE is to give LIGHT to others. Where your light becomes their light.

Why? Because you BELIEVE.

Believe in something better. A greater something else.

Something inside the human dignity that is not ordinary!

Like being able to see beyond the challenges and difficulties that beset us all.

And SHINING your light to vitaminize the best of us.

To SHINE is a devotion to a deeper feeling.

That despite all we have to go through in this part of the universe, the human is a force for good.

For in the presence of the SHINING light, goodness will prevail!

If Not You Then Who?

Spiritual CoachingIf not YOU, then who? What does that mean?

It means that within us all are qualities, beliefs, LIGHTS, that are for us to bring to life.

Yes, others can inspire us, motivate us, bring the best out in us.

But only you can know what it is like to be YOU.

YOU, the only YOU there has ever been in the history of the universe.

Coded with an original combination of light and lights.

For you to discover and make brighter.

For to SHINE is to no longer look to others for the way forward.

We become the guardians of our own light.

Keepers of the flame of self-discovery.

Self-creators, always looking for the next pathway in the WHO WE ARE NOT YET.

So let your light SHINE.

Uphold your beliefs.

Be clear about what you stand for.

And stand tall upon the rock of possibility!

Shining – The Growth Vitamin

Shining is the growth vitamin of the 23 lights. It’s the lights’ equivalent of the Sun. Shining is designated as light 12.

The Homeobox

On chromosome 12, we find the Homeobox.

The Homeobox is a cluster of genes that guides an embryo from an undefined mass into a head, arms, feet, body and so on.

It holds the code for the growth of the human form.

And so it is with the Shining light. It holds the code for who we can become.

The Shining

Shining is unconditional in its nature. It holds no sway with criticism, moaning, blaming, distrust and so on.

It sees the good things in ourselves and others, and can look beyond flaws, because its focus is on supporting the development of natural human qualities.

So don’t be persuaded by negativity. It taints the Shining light. No one is perfect, or is meant to be.

Try to radiate a little bit of your Shining light to yourself and others. The world will be a better place for it!

Shining – The Festival Of Winter Light

Today in the town of Shining, is the Festival Of Winter Light. This is the annual festival attended by people from all over the world, and is an antidote to depression, loneliness and separation.


In Shining, some of the core values are respect to all things and gladness of the heart. When people visit Shining they are re-connected back to the best of themselves.

Fortified against those things which cause them to withdraw from people, out of fear of getting hurt.

You can feel it in the atmosphere when you arrive in Shining. It’s like fresh mountain air. Unpolluted. When you breathe it in, it immediately causes a feeling of uplift.

A sense that only good things can happen here.

The festival is a really magical day. In the turquoise yurt, the storytellers are telling stories that warm the heart and cause a glow. Stories that evoke the best of humanity. Where people give without counting the cost.

These stories are like gemstones that demonstrate what it can be like when generosity holds sway, and the healing this brings.

The Pale Pink Tent

The pale pink tent is dedicated to Blessings. This is a special place. Here you can ask for any person you choose to be included in the Blessings.

So you tell everyone in the tent the name of the person you want to send Blessings to. Maybe say a little bit about them. And everyone in the tent will then send that person supportive warming enhancing energy.

The White Tent

In the white tent a visiting lumenologist is hosting a research panel on the connections between the Shining Light, Chromosome 12, and the Homeobox.

The Homeobox is a cluster of genes that guides an embryo from an undefined mass into a head, arms, feet, body and so on. It holds the code for the growth and order of the human form.

The research is opening up the theme on whether the Shining Light holds the light for the all the other 23 lights.

The Gold Tent

In the gold tent there is a process called The Casket of Values. In this process people recall moments from their lives that hold a deep value for them. Moments that will live forever in their memories. These moments are written down and placed in the Casket of Values.

Then people come out and take a valued moment out of the casket and read it into the atmosphere, building a rich feeling of value and values. Like coded lights that will never go out.

The Pale Yellow Tent

In the pale yellow tent are Small Sparkling Ceremonies. Here people come into the tent and their uniqueness is celebrated with spontaneous music, dance and poetry by the Ceremonies team.

It’s a joyous experience for all concerned. For each ceremony is unique and in the moment, designed to reflect back to the person their strengths and qualities. And the love that they are the only them that has ever lived!

The Pale Green Dome

In the pale green dome are the Re-Imagineers. These are the dreamers who love to re-imagine the future. They are devotees of imagery and creating pictures of what the future could look like.

They sit quietly, allowing their imaginations to work freely, but always connected to the heart and soul of themselves. The feeling in the dome when you walk in is very liberating, as if you have walked into a world very different to one you live in now.

To Shine

So that’s a little glimpse into the festival. If you can be there then great. If not, remember that wherever you are today, you can touch another life with the warmth that comes from the feeling of humanity you carry in yourself.

For to Shine is to uphold the richness of human life, and give to others without counting the cost.

The Silk Bags and The Shine

Imagine all the good things you have done in your life… the times you have helped others in difficulty; the warmth and support you have given; the time you have freely offered; the things you have done to help others succeed. All the generosity that has poured forth from your heart.

The Silk Bags

Now I want you to imagine that all these moments, all these times, are being returned back to you. Returned back to you in small silk bags.

Each of these silk bags contains a glowing light that represents each one of these moments of unconditional giving.

And so I want you to make a nice pile of the silk bags as they are returned to you.

The Glowing Light

When the pile is finally complete, and it may take some time, I want you to carefully open each bag, and take out the glowing light.

Firstly you will hold the glow in the palm of your hand. Then the glow will naturally move up your arm, and find its own way to a new home inside your cells.

When you have finally opened each of the silk bags, and taken out each glowing light, and each glowing light has found a home inside your cells…then you will SHINE!