Individual Yet Connected

spiritual coachingSo many times in life it can feel like we are alone.

Walking our UNIQUE path. Singular. Focused. Independent. And yet…

There seems and feels to be so much more.

There are those who hold the BEST of us in their hearts.

Those who witness what we do and how we do it.

Those who are connected to us by sympathetic resonance.

There are those whose lives we may have only engaged with briefly, who hold remembrance of us.

Or those whose lives we come into contact fleetingly, but with whom something passes.

And there are those who have gone before, who we are joined and connected to through lineage and other connective lines of mutuality.

And then there is the potential support that may come through other realms.

Not ordinarily seen, yet felt, agencies of support for the human endeavour in this part of the universe.

So yes, it’s easy to feel alone.

Yet what if we are all part of an interconnected network of life and living, in which each of us can contribute to grow the whole?

Whether it be your courage, artistry, kindness, warmth, helpfulness, support, mental acumen, the list is endless.

Your voice may not be heard. But your PRESENCE here is valued. And VALUABLE!

We Need Your Genius!

Spiritual CoachingWe need your genius! Phew! Big statement. Really? Right now?

Surely it’s enough to get through the day right now, with wellbeing, heart and soul intact? True. That’s hard to dispute.

Yet as the overbearing shadow lights appear to gain strength, the light of your uniqueness is needed more than ever.

The light that makes you the only YOU there has ever been in the history of the universe.

When shadow psychologies hold sway, that unique light of YOU, can feel suppressed. Shut down. Swamped.

But that is when its presence is needed.

For it holds the light of a different future.

Our uniqueness is like a sacred gift.

Each of us carriers of unique combinations of light and lights.

Designed to light up this part of the universe.

Only you knows what it feels like to be YOU.

Only you can trace the moments of your life when you felt that sense of self.

When YOU were with YOU.

So know that your uniqueness is special.

Try to hold the space free for the unlit lights of you to be lit.

Even in the most challenging circumstances, the flame of a single candle can illuminate the darkness.

May that light be YOURS!

NOTE: This post is aligned toward THE IRIDESCENT LIGHT. The Light Of Originality.