Welcome To The Inner World Of You

spiritual coachingThe inner world of YOU. Why does it need a welcome message? I’ve lived with myself all my life!

Which is true. But the INNER WORLD feels mysterious.

There is the experience of living with oneself. But there seems so much more…

The life of the instinct. The heart. The brain. The soul. The spirit. The mind. And so much more, places it’s possible to recognise the names of.

But what really goes on there? What’s daily life like there?

What are the stresses and strains experienced there?

What are the joys and uplifts that are felt there?

An outward focused, results orientated life can lead us away from the inner pathways.

Of course a life totally dedicated to the inner way, can take us away from the city of many results, and that’s unlikely to work either: imbalance holds sway.

So what did the gods have in mind when we were gifted with this inner world?

Is it an internal guidance system for us to learn and understand?

To develop empathy with, to be companionable with? For the heart to know us, and for us to know the heart?

To share intelligence? And for these inner living intelligences to grow as we grow? To develop as we develop, in harmony, and in unison?

If this is true, then it’s no small undertaking. For so much we are taught, from school onwards, is outward and results focused and orientated.

So perhaps it’s time to come home.

To be with the oneself of oneself. And from out of that sanctuary, make fresh forays outwards.

The benefits of this inwards first approach may be less burn-out, less stress. Less demand upon oneself.

It’s easy to under-estimate, in the much to do and much going on, the magic of being human.

So, maybe in the space of lockdown winter is there room to breathe in, and appreciate for a moment the very fact of being human.

For if not now, then when…

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of the Light of Glisten

Each Moment Unique

spiritual coachingOf all the very moments that we have lived. Each one UNIQUE. Never to be repeated.

Yet brought alive through our capacity to capture it.

Not as in enslavement. But to hold dear, hold close by, hold respect for. Even reverence.

So the moment has a new life in the eyes and senses of the living observer, to maybe last hundreds of years.

The moment cannot do this by itself.

But we are gifted with the ability to have this relationship with moments.

Which, themselves, are dewdrops of life.

Of course, many moments slip by. Through the bulging net of pre-occupation.

But to be in the presence of a moment is a taste of freedom.

Freedom for the senses. For the soul. A freedom away from much to think about.

Back into and along the line of life and living.

Each moment new.

Appearing for the very first time.

Sequences of events brought together into a single moment of time.

For us to build value in ourselves around the things we class as important.

Perhaps because they match our inner code that makes us unique.

Moments. Codes. And Values.

As the Virgin Queen Elizabeth 1 said on her deathbed, ‘I will give all of my precious jewels, for one more moment of life’.

A moment in history that has lived on.

And with it the eternal wisdom that reminds us of what we can easily take for granted.

So by your senses, let the moment find a new home in you!

The Running Race & The Glisten

I remember being about 5 years old, and entering my first school sports running race. It was a June afternoon and there were lots of parents watching.

After the call of ‘Ready Steady Go!’, I remember running as fast as possible. Every cell, nerve ending, muscle, sinew and so on was fully committed to running. I was even winning. Then from over my left shoulder, Clive Ingle appeared.

He seemed jet-propelled as he flew past. I tried to catch him, but simply couldn’t run any faster. He arrived at the line ahead of me.

Shortly after, Clive received a silver cup adorned in a royal blue ribbons. I received nothing. This made no sense. Yes Clive had run like lightning. But I had run as fast as I possibly could. Surely this should be rewarded too?

The Shadow Psychologies

In moments like this, it’s easy to see how certain shadow psychologies can grow. Psychologies such as, ‘I’m not good enough’; ‘I’m not as good as him’; ‘What’s the point?’

And these psychologies can create a dis-harmony between ourselves and the inner worlds that are working at their fullest to help us succeed. And thus prevent the Glisten.

For these inner worlds are not coded by the divine with shadow, ‘not good enough’ psychologies. Only we can do that, if we so choose.

To Glisten

For to Glisten is to offer the inner worlds encouragement, support, love, warmth, trust, thankfulness.

Which they feel, as they are living intelligences. And when they feel our encouragement, they glisten like morning dew in response.

In the same way the cat purrs, when stroked with love and affection.

Our Companions

And these inner worlds being spoken of are companions to our lives…the heart; soul; spirit; brains; instinct; nerves; cells; organs and so on. All designed to support us in our life’s journey.

So to Glisten is to be in quiet harmony with these lives within. And for them to be in quiet harmony with us.

And Glisten is the balm and antidote to the thought that we are somehow not good enough. For we are, and always have been!

Developing The Glisten

Imagine that within us is an intelligence network of cells, organs, nerves, brains, soul, spirit and so much more, that is created to be in service. Supporting us as we grow and develop.

But as we live our lives, there can be so much that impacts on our relationship with this magical internal network.

Demands in many forms. From the demand to make a living, to the demands we may make of ourselves.

From, ‘a perfectionist streak, e.g. ‘I’m not good enough’, to fear of failure, e.g. ‘What if it goes wrong?’

Basically these messages are delivered into our intelligence network, and I wonder what the network makes of hearing statements repetitively of ‘I’m not good enough?’

Maybe they then work extra hard to please us. But at the cost of over-working the systems, leading to potential burn out.

So to Glisten is to be in harmony with our internal network.

To be:

  • Empathic
  • Supportive
  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Gentle
  • Warm

For these are the vitamins that sustain the network, and cause well-being.

Glisten is like a marriage between the network and ourselves. A small dew drop of sentiment, formed from our relationship with ourselves.