Individual Yet Connected

spiritual coachingSo many times in life it can feel like we are alone.

Walking our UNIQUE path. Singular. Focused. Independent. And yet…

There seems and feels to be so much more.

There are those who hold the BEST of us in their hearts.

Those who witness what we do and how we do it.

Those who are connected to us by sympathetic resonance.

There are those whose lives we may have only engaged with briefly, who hold remembrance of us.

Or those whose lives we come into contact fleetingly, but with whom something passes.

And there are those who have gone before, who we are joined and connected to through lineage and other connective lines of mutuality.

And then there is the potential support that may come through other realms.

Not ordinarily seen, yet felt, agencies of support for the human endeavour in this part of the universe.

So yes, it’s easy to feel alone.

Yet what if we are all part of an interconnected network of life and living, in which each of us can contribute to grow the whole?

Whether it be your courage, artistry, kindness, warmth, helpfulness, support, mental acumen, the list is endless.

Your voice may not be heard. But your PRESENCE here is valued. And VALUABLE!

You Are Wiser Than You Think!

spiritual coaching“You are wiser than you think.”

Really! What makes you say that? It doesn’t seem a very profound thing to say…

Wisdom feels like such a subtle thing.

Living intelligence from the laboratories of living, it doesn’t come with a fanfare.

The aggregation of life’s experience, captured in such a way to give instant insight into any given situation.

A self-created intelligence agency, designed to offer a unique way of looking at things.

Of course, if it was this easy we would all be hubs of creativity and originality.

But there is the noise, the hubbub. The throbbing milieu of incessant demand that draws us into collective habitual and biased thinking, leaving our own intelligence systems potentially neglected and unused.

So listen to the whisper in the breeze. Give space for the insight that comes from within.

From the eyes that have experienced; the senses that have absorbed and listened carefully.

Given by the gods, so that we can have an inner intelligence network that guides us and shines a light along our future path.

The path we have not yet walked. And helps us avoid the traps that lead us away from our possibility.

Yes, I know. It’s not always easy. Habit pulls hard on the sleeve of our thoughts.

But know that within us, our inner intelligence network is always active.

Always at the ready for when it’s called upon. Always scanning. Always assessing.

So that we can create original light in this the part of the universe.

Make it so!

NOTE: This post is aligned towards THE LIGHT OF ILLUMINATION. The Light Of Wisdom.

Welcome To The Undiscovered You!

Spiritual CoachingSo you’re probably asking, how can you welcome the undiscovered you, if it’s undiscovered?

Which is a reasonable question.

It’s pretty easy to wander down the streets of cliche city, when discussing themes around potential and so on.

In reality, the undiscovered you belongs in the realms of the unknown of oneself, and doesn’t lend itself to too much definition, or over-bearing hyperbole.

But it’s a fact that every one of us has the possibility coded within, to continue to grow and develop.

And maybe it’s possible to make it easier for the undiscovered self to reveal itself, by how open we remain to the ‘who we are not yet’.

Our successes, habits, behaviours, personal identities can shape and define us, ive us points of stability and self-recognition.

But they can also fix us in WHO WE HAVE BEEN.

And deny us access to the future self, who may not be remotely interested in who we have been!

Which merits the question, what is the future self interested in?

Is it like a child in the womb that needs nurturing and caring for?

With messages of warmth, care, love, gentleness.

A welcoming environment that lays the foundation for the thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions, sentiments that we have never experienced before.

As in I love the who I am not yet, more than the who I have been, because it is here my future lives’.

As we grow older, there are many psychological fears lying in wait that put limits on who we may become.

But they don’t help keep the door open to the future self. They close that door firmly shut.

So be glad that there is more to come.

That we are not limited by who we have been.

Keep a light glowing that celebrates the who we are not yet.

It may not have a name, It may not have definition.

But it lives within us all.

Waiting for its time. Its moment. Its liberation!

What Do You Want Them To Say About You?

Spiritual CoachingWe can’t control what others say about us.

But we have control over the contribution we make to the world.

The sharing of our gifts and talents, for the benefit of all concerned.

When you stand for something, it means you are COMMITTED to seeing more of those qualities in the world.

So, what do you STAND for?

For if not YOU, then who?

And this is how you become known for something. Because of your DEDICATION to the things you stand for.

Which means that people will say, ‘They were a person who stood for something!’

This is maybe the finest accolade that can be paid.

In the world today, leaders often fail to take their people with them, because it is difficult to see what it is they stand for.

This is why leadership begins with you. With me. With us.

If you are not clear about what you stand for, ask your friends.

Ask them what the qualities are that they see in you.

They can probably see very clearly what it is you stand for.

And when you STAND for something, you RADIATE that quality out into the world.

Making the world a brighter place.

And who wouldn’t want that?!


There is a fascinating documentary showing on Netflix, called ‘Misunderstood’. It tells the story of talented French footballer Nicolas Anelka, who was famously sent home from the 2010 World Cup, for disrespecting the beleaguered coach Raymond Domenech.

Spending time with Anelka is like getting a glimpse into the world of the Iridescent Light. The Light of Uniqueness. Nicolas is a very gifted player, with a strong sense of self. Not arrogant, but self-assured. And when he perceives that he is not understood, as in the fall out with Raymond Domenech, then he REACTS.

As in, “If you don’t understand me, then I don’t rate you as a motivator and leader. In which case, why should I play for and do my best for you?”

It’s very common in life for the gifted Iridescent individual to feel misunderstood. Why? Because they are different. They walk the path less travelled. This misunderstood feeling can also make them anxious, as they are not sure where they stand both with others, and with their place in the world.

When Anelka hits out at Domenech, he seems so disdainful of the manager’s inability to understand his talent, that he refuses to absorb into himself this weakness. This belittling energy. As if it may contaminate his uniqueness and sense of self. However, whilst an understandable reaction, it ultimately becomes an act of self-sabotage.

For Nicolas has denied himself the opportunity to serve the French team and the French nation on the world stage, for one more game. Now he will consider this a necessary sacrifice in honour of the sanctuary of his uniqueness. But there are other options to consider.

One of the developments in the Iridescent Light is to be less affected by how others think about you. For when you have been misunderstood throughout your life, you can be easily triggered into reactivity. However, if you don’t seek to be understood by others, then it can negate that self-sabotage trigger.

If you understand yourself, then you exude a sense of calmness, even when others don’t get you. That calmness is born out of knowing your place in the world. Knowing what that uniqueness is for. Knowing how and why you can make a difference.

For our gifts and talents are not just for us. They are to help bring more LIGHT into the world. And we do that by switching on our own lights. Switching on our code of uniqueness.

So the key for the Iridescent person is to be okay with not being understood by others. By understanding yourself and what makes you YOU, the light of understanding radiates throughout you. Which brings healing, and is also attractive to others, who sense the aura of calmness around you, which in turn brings calmness to them, and their own understanding of self!

The Hidden Light!

What if within us, is an extraordinary amount of hidden light,

Light which is not yet switched on?

Which we call our potential.

Or Who We Are Not Yet.

Our task – to discover and switch on that hidden light!

You and The Future You!

Mystery is the light of the future. The unknown. The not yet appeared. The who we are not yet.

There are lots of fears and unfortunate psychologies that are programmed into us about the unknown.

Psychologies that bind us into what we know, to give us security about ourselves, and lead to fixed views and an over-bearing certainty about who we think we are.

But what if these psychologies limit our ability to be with the unknown? Limit our ability to grow into our full possibility?

For what if the who we are not yet is not like the who we have been? And that the unknown is the fertile ground in which our potential is realised?


The Prompter – The Shimmering Light

There’s a great scene in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s beautiful film ‘Amelie’. The film’s narrator makes an observation that captures the spirit of the Shimmering light.

He’s referring to the challenges shy people have in verbal exchanges with confident people.

He says. ‘With a prompter in each cellar window whispering comebacks… shy people would have the last laugh.’

This is what the Shimmering Light is like. It’s a prompter. There to support you. Its character is not loud or obtrusive. But is gentle and respectful.

It’s like when you see a feather on your path. It’s the sign of something telling you that everything is ok.

The Shimmering Light knows you better than you know yourself. And it has no other agenda, other than ‘how can I help you succeed?’

It’s a bit like a guardian angel in its nature, there to serve you and you alone.

It’s a whisperer of truths and directions, trying to get your attention in the lightest way possible.

It may suggest you go for a walk in the woods or by the river. For it’s in the quiet places that you can appreciate the Shimmering Light better.

You may not be able to see the Shimmering Light. But if you stop, pause and feel, you may be able to sense its nearby presence.

It brings a quiet joy and a feeling that you are not alone. For what kind of universe would abandon you?

Take a moment and give space for the Shimmering Light. It will be a loyal friend and companion all the days of your life.