Time To Think Thoughts That Have Never Been Thought Before!

Spiritual CoachingThere comes a point in time when our physical body draws its last breath. But what if the light we create and that lives in our radiation doesn’t wither with us? But lives on, because it is not subject to same rules of physicality.

And so the life we live, our values, beliefs, alignments, philosophies, sentiments, stories can live on, beyond our time, through the light we create.

And so our time here, whilst appearing fleeting and short lived, may carry a greater longevity, through the eternal nature of the things we stand for. Which coded into our DNA, becomes our contribution to the evolving human story.

So – blessed be are the creators of light, who may never fully realise the impact they have on the generations yet to come!

Emanation – The World Will Be Different…

The notion that goes with Emanatory is, ‘The world will be different when those who can make a difference, make a difference.’

To Emanate is to have a presence and radiation that influences other people or situations you find yourself in.

It’s where the things you stand for and believe in have crystallised in such a way, they give off a light that helps others find direction or purpose, or maybe offer healing, wellbeing and settlement.

You may think, ‘Well, surely this is the preserve of the real leaders and important people in the world?’, but that’s an outdated psychology.

For if you are able to touch people’s lives with your kindness, warmth, care, thoughtfulness, insights, perceptions and so on, then this is leadership.

For you are helping others create more light in themselves.


1: How can you impact positively on the lives of others today?

2: What psychologies do you have to put down, to allow your light to emanate more brightly?

3: What’s your world view? In other words, what does the world you want to live in look like or feel like?

4: What part can you play in helping create this world?

5: What changes would you need to make, if any, to help play this part?