Does The Divine Know It Is Divine?

Spiritual CoachingA curious question – does the Divine know it is Divine?

Does that which we call the Divine have a view about itself? Or is it that we, the human, have the permission to give notation to that which we call Divine, so that it can receive an external perception about itself?

And does that itself build our connection between ourselves and the Divine, so that a little bit of the Divine becomes active in us? Meaning there is more opportunity for Divine light here in this part of the universe?

The First Light

No gathering of beach crowds at 4am, to witness the first light.

Yet amongst the lights, the first light is perhaps the most revered.

Coming out of the darkness,

without it there is no dawn arising

or sunset glory.

Rembrandt – The Master Of Light

Recently I went to Holland

to see the work of the Master Of Light, Rembrandt.

The crowds at The Rijksmuseum

are gathered in number around

his masterpiece The Night Watch.

Even from a distance,

the light emitted from the painting is so radiant,

so pure.

It’s akin to being up before dawn

to be in the presence of first light.

It causes awe,

as if seeing light for the first time.