No One Can Stop You Being Brilliant!

Spiritual CoachingOf course no one can stop you being Brilliant.

Another obvious thing to say. So why say it then?

It’s an encouragement.

Maybe more Brilliance in the world would be a good thing.

It’s such a powerful light. Not a ‘change everything forever’ kind of light.

But when you have been in the presence of Brilliance, you remember it.

They call it a ‘flash of Brilliance’, that happens in a moment, from out of nowhere.

As if two previously unconnected parts of your mind have suddenly connected, and there is a sudden surge or flash of light!

Like the flash of light seen at conception!

Thus, a new idea, a new thought is born.

Wow! “That’s Brilliant”, the witness remarks, as the previously unexperienced thought transfers its original light into their mental network.

Brilliance is catalytic.

It can transform how we think. The ideas we have. The way we see the world.

And Brilliance is available to all.

Of course shadow psychologies can hold sway.

Me – Brilliant. Who are you kidding?”

Thoughts that Brilliance is the preserve of the intellectual or university trained can block or prevent that union of the unconnected.

So, remove the attachment, the I, and allow the unconnected mind to find union within itself.

The possibilities coded within us are enormous. Endless.

We are designed to be a House of Brilliance, with our mind as the theatre of unlit pathways. Thus to light our own darkness.

It doesn’t require an academic mind.

Just an endless curiosity. Fascination.

And the continued search for the next part of the puzzle!

The World Needs Your Brilliance!

Spiritual CoachingWhy does the world need your Brilliance? Because Brilliance is liberating, uplifting, informing, enhancing. It causes people to go, ‘Wow!’

And you might think that brilliance is the preserve of others. Who are you to be Brilliant? Well who are you NOT to be brilliant?!

Brilliant occurs when you devote and dedicate yourself to the thing you love to do, in such a way, that you start to really OWN the territory. Not in a possessive way. But in a fascinated, curious, ‘cant stop learning’ kind of way.

Like when you and the thing you love to do become joined, in such a way that you start having thoughts and ideas you may have never considered before. And when you share them, people go, ‘Ah thats brilliant!’. Why?

Because that idea or thought has just come out of left field, and it adds to their understanding of something in a surprising and interesting way. Thats what Brilliance can do. And that’s one of the many reasons as to why the world needs YOUR Brilliance!

Permission To Be Brilliant!

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Why would we need permission to be Brilliant? Who from? The Registered Office of Brilliance?

No. From oneself. Because there can feel like a curtailment upon one’s own Brilliance.

“What will others say if we are Brilliant?” “I don’t want to appear a show-off.” “How could I possibly be Brilliant?”

All sorts of psychologies can hold sway that can limit our possibility.

But why not be Brilliant? Why not develop and grow around the things you love to do, so that you reach a level of expertise that allows your lights to cause others to say,  “Wow!”.

For when they say “WOW!”,  a little bit of that Brilliance transfers to them. Meaning there can be more Brilliance in the world. More Brilliance = more light, and therefore more possibility for each and every one of us.

So that Brilliance creates Brilliance creates Brilliance! Make it so!