Calmness – The Gateway To Change!

spiritual coachingNot more personal development based posts about Calmness! Please! I know…

Calmness has played such a luminous part in the human development story.

An abiding constant. Untroubled by the swirling eddies of doubt and uncertainty.

Calmness is almost sage-like in its seeming serenity.

As if holding to a deeper knowing about oneself, or one’s situation.

Like its experience means it carries the coded wisdom that, beyond troubled and dark times, the light will rise again.

Like a wise counsel that has been there and done it. Seen it all before.

A maternal presence that knows that goodness will prevail.

Some days it’s hard to get a sense or feel for what’s happening.

Are we in a time of history repeating itself? Or on the borderlands of the rich pastures of the unknown?

In the presence of calmness, thus, there is no need to know.

No need for certainty.

For its settling ways reduce anxiety and inner turbulence, and allow things to be as they are meant to be.

Calmness itself may not be the catalytic agent of change.

But without it, the finely tuned balances of new emerging possibility may be destabilised.

So be glad that for now, it is enough and okay to not know.

For soon enough, in time, the next steps will become clear!

NOTE: This post aims to capture the spirit of the Luminescent Light

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