The Light Of Virtuosity

You might ask how do we access Dazzling Light in everyday life? Surely that’s the preserve of the artist, performer, entertainer..

Another way to consider Dazzling is “Do you know how good you really are?”.

It’s about being able to liberate those untapped parts of ourselves, that don’t always see the light of day.

Like when we set ourselves challenges, big or small.

Things that take us outside of our comfort zone.

That’s when we discover more about ourselves. More about the undiscovered us.

The who we are not yet.

Dazzling doesn’t accept the notion,’I can’t do that’.

More like, as Phillipe Petit said in ‘Man On Wire’, “It’s impossible. Let’s get started!”

Opening up the horizons of possibility. As it is said, “We are much better think we think we are!”


Core Qualities:

1: Constantly Challenging Oneself

2: Always Learning and Improving

3: Remaining Inspired

The Shadow: Gloaming

The key thing about the shadow light of Gloaming is it creates a psychology that prevents you putting your head above the parapet.

In case you get shot down.

It carries fears of how people will react to you if suddenly, you start demonstrating some of what you are truly capable of.

Sometimes others have a vested interest in keeping you held back.

For when you break free, it highlights to others what they have failed to do in their development.

And can breed resentment.

But that’s not your problem! It’s time for you and your journey!