The Uplifting

You know when Brilliance is at play, people will say things like, “Wow, how did you come up with that!” Or “that’s’ genius!”

Brilliance is the way you have configured your mind, that enables you to see and perceive things differently to how others see them.

So your original mind can approach a subject in a way that sheds new light on it, because of the angle of approach.

None of this happens by accident. Such a mind and way of thinking comes from the kind of questions you ask yourself.

It’s never being satisfied with surface responses.

But always digging deeper to get to the heart of things. Curious and fascinated by how things work. Why things are as they are.

Searching for your own original truths, not what others hand down to you.

Core Qualities:

1: Originality

2: Excellence

3: Perception


The Shadow: Subdued

The Subdued psychology can develop in so many ways.

For example, when we compare ourselves negatively to others.

Or even when we might deliver good work, but if we are subject to perfectionism, from self or others, then it’s still not enough.

Perhaps we have been told, ‘You will never amount to anything‘.

Or constantly been put down by people who are not unconditionally supportive.

The constant reinforcement of these over-bearing messages can subdue our natural brilliance.

Forcing us to doubt ourselves. or not push ourselves to be the best we can be.

Keeping us locked within this shadow light, until it becomes a permanent psychology.

So…why be Brilliant? Well. Why not be?…