The Light Of Guidance

Never undertake a difficult journey without a moral compass!

The beacon light is like a guidance system. It’s function being to shine a light on the path we have not yet walked. And also help us see what is preventing us from moving forward. It’s a very important, self-leadership light.

It’s like climbing to the top of a hill to get a better perspective about things. There we can rise about the fog that prevents us from seeing clearly.

In the documentary Man On Wire, Phillipe Petit is preparing for his famous 1974 wire walk across the Twin Towers.

Looking up at the towers from ground level, they seem enormous. Intimidating. So he hires a helicopter to fly over the towers.

Now he’s looking down on the towers. From this new perspective, they are less intimidating.

Core Qualities:

1: Integrity

2: Principles

3: Honorable To Oneself

The Shadow: Fog

When the psychology of Fog is at play, it causes us to doubt ourselves. Our feelings; our instincts.

If others have imposed over-bearing control upon us, it can be easy to lose trust in our own guidance systems.

It causes us to always look to others for what the right thing to do is. Even though we sense what is right deep down, but acting on what we feel, may prove a big challenge.

For surely we can’t be right! Can we?

Re-building trust and taking small steps on the journey from Fog to Beacon is a very common journey for anyone looking to take back control of their life.