Attitude Is Everything!

Postcards From The Lights: Shining (The Attitude Light)

Attitude. What an amazing thing!

One of the greatest human gifts among the multitude of gifts.

Attitude can transform how you feel.

Transform how you behave.

Transform what you do.

Transform who you can become

Attitude can lift you up.

Attitude can bring you down.

Attitude can energise every cell in the body.

Or limit our possibilities.

Attitude can free you from the confines of uncertainty.

It can change how we feel in an instant.

Attitude is a magic power.

And it is available to each and every one of us.

To use anytime. Any day. Any moment.

Attitude is like a message to self

Attitude is a call to arms and a rallying cry

Your attitude is unique to you

No one can do your attitude for you.

Your attitude is the mark of your character

It’s the signature by which you carve your name on the rock of life

Attitude is yours to chose.

You and you alone.

What will it be ?

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