The Light Of Enthusiasm

Personal Development

Brightness is one of our fundamental lights.

Do you remember the feeling as a child when you were curious and fascinated by everything?

Asking questions. Wanting to discover truths about how things work, and why things are as they are.

It’s that feeling of being able to do mental arithmetic at speed, and answering questions, quick as a flash. No hesitation!

Being bright helps us to start to think for ourselves, as our mind becomes active with mental connections being made, as we start to put things together.

As we get older, brightness has to be worked for, to overcome the general overload of the senses. And to overcome the antithesis of brightness, which is mindlessness.

That’s why it’s good to remain open-minded and curious about life.

These two qualities are like keys that open the doors to the untapped areas of the mind…where the bright light is not dulled down.

As Albert Einstein said, The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing’.

So – stay BRIGHT. For your brightness can be one of the keys that opens the door to the FUTURE YOU!

Core Qualities

1: Enthusiasm

2: Keenness

3: Curiosity


The Shadow: Pale

One of the psychologies of the shadow light of Pale is to cause us to feel that we are not bright. As if somehow, to be bright, is to be superior, or better than others.

It can begin at school. The teacher asks a question. We know the answer but daren’t put our hand up. Why?

Because we don’t want to be laughed at if we get the answer wrong. Or be seen as too clever if we get it right.

It’s this latter psychology that can cause us to inhibit the growth and development of our mind. We restrict how good we can be, because of this self-limiting feeling.

So let’s get that BRIGHT light switched back on again. Once it is, watch how your energy levels and enthusiasm for life, living and learning will go through the roof!