Personal DevelopmentWe live in very uncertain times.

Things which we perhaps took for granted now no longer seem so certain.

You want to rise above it all and find a new way forward, but it can be difficult.

You know and sense that a different future IS POSSIBLE, but you just can’t stretch to it right now.

Especially when you feel that your lights are getting switched off. 

The 23 lights that are coded into your DNA at birth and conception. The lights that make YOU unique!

The lights that give you well-being, a sense of purpose and a feeling of a greater possibility.

The 23 Lights Energy Boost

For over 23 years I have been coaching entrepreneurs, top sports professionals, artists and people in their personal life, on their growth, well-being and self-development.

And now I want to share with you my 23 Lights Energy Boost, that will lift up your vibration, belief and self-esteem, through the liberating power of light and lights!

A boost that is designed to help you get your lights switched back on again.

To simply and quickly get your inner lights network flowing, and with it, an increase in personal energy, belief and optimism!

Do These Apply To You?

  • You want to take your life in a different direction (Reflective Light)
  • You have been successful, but what now? (Ultra Violet)
  • It’s time for a radical change! (Incandescent)
  • It’s time to leave things from the past behind (Shimmering)
  • You feel a calling for something different, but are not sure what it is (Beacon)
  • You feel worn out and exhausted having given too much to others (Glow)
  • These challenging times are causing you to doubt yourself and your future (Bright)


spiritual coachingSo maybe you’re thinking this all sounds very interesting. But you have no idea if this will work for you!

That’s completely OK. Thats why I offer a FREE 30 min telephone/Zoom taster session.

That way you can get a feel for how the 23 Lights Energy Boost works, and whether it’s right for you.


Whatever your situation, send me a message on the form below and we can have a chat to discuss how I can help can get your lights switched on…

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